What Is a Food Security for America Group?

Joining an FSA Group stretches families’ food budgets and brings supportive relationships in a community setting where neighbors get to know each other. Here’s how it works!


how we operate

Food Security of America purchases low cost food from the Atlanta Community Food Bank  and fresh produce from local farmers. We own the truck and pay the driver to deliver the purchased food to the Friends and Neighbors Network meeting. Members arrive and pay a small administrative fee which may defray delivery costs or be allocated for a special purpose determined by the members. The food is always free to members and paid for by Food Security of America.

Members collect the fee, set up the meeting room, unload and distribute the food, and lead their meeting. Meetings typically include a devotional, community announcements and plans for upcoming meetings. Outside speakers that promote wise financial and health decisions are frequently brought in.

This short video from The Columbus Ledger-Equirer shows the benefits of a Friends and Neighbors Network in action. A article from a local paper describes a successful Friends and Neighbors Network in Jonesboro.

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