What We Do

Food Security of America sponsors Friends and Neighbors Networks, or FANNs, which have been called “food co-ops for low income families”. They differ from a traditional food pantry model in that each family becomes an invested member by paying a nominal fee and running the FANN themselves. Meetings are held every two weeks. In the process of collecting fees, organizing and carrying out the distribution of food, and leading educational meetings, FANN members form relationships that go beyond just being neighbors; they become family in a frequently isolated world.

The meetings become an opportunity to share resources, exercise leadership skills, and learn about nutrition, healthy living, job and training opportunities, and community activities. The result is a sense of community, self-empowerment, dignity and the strength and hope for the members to move beyond their current situation.

Food Security of America also trains non-profit and faith-based institutions how to operate Friends and Neighbors Networks throughout the country and keeps these groups connected with each other.