Individualized Training

IMG_9929Food Security for America (FSA) will customize a training session for your non-profit or faith institution. Rev. Nancy Yarnell, Executive Director, travels across the country to help interested groups implement their own Friends and Neighbors Network (FANN)*.

For program consistency the classroom materials are identical to those used at the Atlanta trainings.

However, sometimes particular stakeholders may want only an overview of the FANN model. How is it different from the traditional food pantry? Why is this new model now needed? Many times people have read Robert Lupton’s book, Toxic Charity and want to learn firsthand about the program featured there.

In this situation Rev. Yarnell can offer an hour-long overview for a general audience and then move into the detailed training material for the individuals who will be closely involved in the running of the actual FANN.

Also, she can offer feedback about the space proposed for the FANN meetings, visit your local food bank, and meet with potential FANN members, if desired.

Host organization reimburses all travel costs plus a $250 training fee. Organizations outside a 4-hour driving radius of Atlanta will require round-trip airfare.

Please call Rev. Yarnell (404-895-7987) well in advance about your interest in arranging a local training. Many background topics to discuss before an actual training may be practical.

*Friends and Neighbors Network (FANN) is same concept as the low-income “food co-operative” or “food co-op” featured in Robert Lupton’s book,  Toxic Charity.