Thankful For Our Supporters…

2020 has been our most trying year to date, and FSA would not have made it through this difficult season without your uncompromising support and dedication. Instead of” flopping”, we “flipped things around” and learned how to create community in different and safe ways.  We increased our groups, our pounds of food given, had unmatched efficiency and we got a new truck enabling multiple food group deliveries in one day with more volume and efficiency.

As Heard in a Food Group…  

Keisha, a longtime member of FSA food groups, sat down with Nancy Yarnell and discussed the importance of FSA in her life. Keisha says she misses the fellowship, community and announcements from the leaders during the meetings that used to be an integral part of the FSA model (one of the many painful adjustments made as a result of the pandemic protocols).

Keisha went on to say, the food was especially critical in March and April. Her son is a senior and plays football;  food is a constant need in her household.  Having a full fridge gives a much-needed sense of security. Thankfully, as a result of the FSA food group, Keisha never doubts that they will have food on the table.

When asked, What would you tell the donors?

“Thank you! You are meeting a need. Please continue. A lot of people appreciate it.”

FSA in 2020 (through September)…

  • Provided Food for 412 unduplicated families, (783 people, including 261 children and 243 seniors) with nourishing food during approximately 133 member-based meetings.
  • Total food distributed equaled 200,056 pounds of food, a 35% increase over 2019.
  • Efficiency/Value: Food distributed was $24,998 FSA cost, represents $344,096 retail cost (FSA model yields discount of 93%).
  • Added 2 NEW SITES, a 33% increase.
  • Established two new partnerships: PAWKIDS in Grove Park and Christ Harvesters Global Outreach Ministry (through YELLS, Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading and Serving)

Donate to FSA TODAY so families like Keisha’s can continue to receive the food they need.