Join A Group

We operate six Food Security Groups in the Greater Atlanta and Augusta, GA areas. We also network with other organizations running Food Security Groups. We may be able to refer you to a Food Security Group to join! Some have no waiting lists; some, do.

When you join an organization's Food Security Group to connect you with your community and foster increased financial well-being, you will:

    • Receive from 1/3 to 1/2 of your family’s total food needs
    • Come every other week
    • Work with other members to unload the truck of food and help disperse the food among group members
    • Pay a nominal member fee every other week
    • Participate in fellowship during the meetings
    • Learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles

We are not interested in just giving you what you need to get by for a few days. Instead, we are driven to encourage, involve, and sustain each group member to achieve a lifestyle with ample food, friends, and increased financial wellbeing.

Contact FSA if you are interested in joining a group:

Phone: 404-895-7987