How It Works

Food Security for America is not a food pantry. We are an organization that helps nonprofits create groups within their communities that equip people and families in need of food security for better lifestyles.


Food Insecurity is Different Than Hunger
Food Insecurity refers to an individual's or community's lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. Hunger, on the other hand, is the physical sensation or feeling of hunger, which can come from severe food insecurity.


Addressing Food Insecurity
To address food insecurity in an area, we encourage participation, ownership and involvement from the community. We do so by providing the necessary tools and skills to local organizations so they can then lead their own Food Security Groups.

What makes Food Security Groups unique is their functionality. Each group member is required to pay a nominal fee and contribute to unloading the truck of food, dispersing food among members, and most importantly, participating in fellowship.

This group model creates space for members to form deep relationships with neighbors, increase self-confidence, and promote self-sufficiency to thrive. Members may choose to set aside a time for faith, spirituality and thanksgiving during the fellowship time.

Food Security Groups do not use volunteers from outside the group members.


There are different ways to support and be involved in FSA. You can join a group, start a group, or sponsor a group

Provided 783 people
with nourishing food
during 133 member-
based meetings.

Total food distributed:
200,056 pounds—a
35% increase over 2019.

A food cost of $24,998 for FSA represents
a $344,096
retail food cost.