FSA Holds Annual Joint Steering Committee Brunch and Leadership Training


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“It was like a family reunion,” said Dr. Beverley Dimitrius. On Saturday, June 18 Friends and Neighbors Network steering committees from six non-profit organizations and churches gathered at the Atlanta Community Food Bank for a brunch, served by board members, and a presentation by Dr. Beverley Demetrius on leadership. Friends and Neighbors Networks are low-income food co-ops which provide much needed food plus the opportunity to develop empowering relationships in the participants’ communities. Friends and Neighbors Networks are in the five metro-Atlanta counties, as well as Augusta and Columbus, Georgia.


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Dr. Demetruis, an Associate Professor of Nutrition at Life University, previously served as Nutrition Services Director for the Cobb and Douglas Counties’ Health Departments. A native of Jamaica, she earned her undergraduate degree in nutrition from Rutgers University, her masters at New York University, and her doctorate in Health Care education at Nova Southeastern University. She and her students have had a multi-year relationship with Food Security for America and Walton Communities offering interactive nutrition education sessions with the residents.

Dr. Demetrius used Christ as the model of the ideal leader in discussing critical leadership traits.

  • True leaders perform and are known by their actions instead of their words. People are always watching to get a sense of the leader’s character.
  • Leaders acknowledge people who support them, which is encouraging to the people who look up to them.
  • Leaders add to their skill set and are always learning.
  • Leaders spend time regularly in solitude, devotion and meditation looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  • Leaders give their time and money to leave an everlasting legacy.

Cliff Richards, Decatur Cooperative Ministry, then led break out groups so that participants could apply what they learned and network to problem solve. The steering committee brunch is held annually.
6.16 steering committee brunch teamPictured left to right: Dr. Beverley Demetrius, FSA Board Member; Lesa Bell, FSA Board Member; Nancy Yarnell, FSA Executive Director; Theresa Dillard, Walton Reserve Steering Committee member; and Trish Hildebrand, FSA Board Member