Creating communities across America to equip those in need of healthy food.

What is Food Security?

14% to 25% of Americans are in need of food security, the ready availability of nutritionally adequate food. In many instances, emergency food pantries are not designed to meet this chronic need, leaving many families hungry, lonely and stressed.

What is a FANN?

A FANN (Friends and Neighbors Network) is a community of low-income families where its members can have the need for nutritious food met, learn about healthy nutrition and lifestyles and foster spiritual communication and gratitude. FANN participants greatly increase their opportunities for self-sufficiency.

To Create Food Security We:

  • Operate FANNs at sponsors’ sites in Georgia
  • Train non-profits, churches, and other faith institutions throughout the country to operate their own FANNs
  • Connect organizations operating FANNs so that they may share experiences and provide mutual accountability

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