The Problem:

Many Americans wonder if they will have enough food to meet their families’ needs. This uncertainty causes stress, social isolation, poor school performance, and can place them on the brink of homelessness.

How We Solve It

We create communities across America called Food Security Groups where struggling families can have their need for nutritious food met, learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and receive the support of friends – friends on whom they can lean when times get tough and celebrate the joys of life.
We’re different because our members are our volunteers. Food Security Groups run themselves with the help of our truck, driver and program administrator. Group members run their own meetings and learn valuable life and leadership skills in the process. They pay a nominal membership fee – no handouts!

The best way to help FSA families is to join with friends or co-workers and sponsor a Food Security Group.

How Food Insecurity Impacts Families

Hard Choices

Families must choose between food OR utilities, transportation, medical care, housing and education


 Families are more likely to suffer depression when they are food insecure and isolated from a support group


Families have less to spend on healthy food if it can be found, and resort to cheaper, calorie-dense options

Chronic Disease

 Families have a higher percentage of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease

Academic Performance

Families have higher incidences of lagging development and academic performance

Social Isolation

Families experience little social support and the loneliness can cause anxiety and depression

Frequent Choices Members Have Had to Make

between food or utilities
between food or medicine/medicinal care
between food or housing
between food or education
between food or transportation
of Americans are food insecure

“I didn’t want to take the easy way out and apply for food stamps or go to food pantries. Food Security  Group members take ownership of the program. We’re like a Sunday School class.”


“My Food Security Group is a blessing because it not only allows me to provide for my children, but it also is an opportunity to volunteer and be a part of a supportive community.”


“When I broke my arm, a care team was formed to help with grocery shopping, cooking, daily tasks and prayer.”


“When I lost my husband and found myself at the lowest point, I was grateful for the much-needed food, but found the self-esteem boost and overall sense of belonging to be the true blessing. Group members support each other through difficulties, building relationships in amazing ways.”


Make An Impact:


buys one family
food for a month


buys one family
food for a year


will train a new
Food Security Group

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Help bring food and supportive relationships to a family.